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Betsy Dickey

Betsy Dickey

Director of Client Service

Betsy has been with the Steward Guide Wealth Partners Team since 1998.  She has extensive experience in office and product management, computer software development and implementation as well as client relations and training with an emphasis on banking and financial processing.  She knows the ins and outs of our many ever-changing computer systems and spends much of her time solving problems, tracking in-coming funds, assisting clients, answering questions, training and updating support staff and making sure everything runs smoothly and in line with our many compliance requirements. 

Betsy is responsible for managing paperwork and procedures to ensure accuracy and timeliness of client financial transactions.  She oversees the work of the staff and makes sure that our office meets regulatory requirements.  Betsy’s experience in computer and system programming and development and project management helps her to juggle the many tasks that are required to maintain up-to-date and accurate electronic files for all our clients. 

As an enthusiastic international traveler, amateur photographer, part-time dog trainer, volunteer with Golden Retriever Rescue, small group Bible Study leader and “hobby” singer, her life is pretty full, but she says very sincerely, “I love our clients and serving them!”